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[교육] 아이들이 생각하는 고래란?


서울외국인초등학교 4학년 선생님들한테 초청을 받아 총 88명의 학생들 앞에서 강의하신 이영란 대표입니다.

Adaptation, Ecosystem, Interdependence, 그리고 Biological Evolution을 배우고 있는 학생들을 위해 다양한 종의 해양 포유류, 고래의 조상, 그리고 인간과 고래에 대해 가르쳤는데요.

20분도 앉아 있기 어려운 학생들은 흥미로워해 하며 집중하고 적극적으로 참여 했습니다. 특히나 강의 후 선생님들과 아이들은 후기를 창의적으로 남겨, 영란 대표에게 감동을 전해 주었는데요.

초청해주신 서울외국인학교에 감사 드리며, 아이들의 미래를 응원합니다.

-플랜오션 2023 인턴 제니퍼-

The 4th grade students at Seoul Foreign School are currently learning about adaptation, ecosystem, biological evolution, and interdependence. With Dr. Youngran Lee’s expertise in marine mammals, cetaceans, and the effect of human activities, the 4th grade teachers officially invited her to give a presentation. The audience involved 88 students and 4 teachers.

As Dr. Lee began, she interacted with the students by showing pictures, asking questions, and pointing out the characteristics of marine mammals. Captivated by the interesting concept, the students were more than eager to participate and listen.

There were laughters in the audience when Dr. Lee showed the kids how a seal moves, and also when a girl loudly cheered on the fact that female Baleen whales were bigger than males in size.

The students became serious as they learned the involvement of human activities like entanglement of fishing nets, chemical pollution, and bycatch.

As we wrapped up with the question, “What should we do?”, many students provided interesting answers. Some were aware of biodegradable plastics, suggesting that everyone should be using them. Others surprised Dr. Lee by claiming to ban people from eating fish.

Overall, the presentation was a success, and Plan Ocean would like to thank the 4th grade teachers at Seoul Foreign School for inviting Dr. Lee to teach students about

marine mammals, the evolution of cetaceans, and human activities involved in the ocean.

-2023 Intern Jennifer-


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